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  • Afro-cuban All Stars W/ Juan De Marcos 2024 (On Demand)

    Artist Fund: http://www.sfjazz.org/artistfund
    Please support the artists directly via the Artist Fund

    We kick off 2024 Summer Sessions with the legendary Afro-Cuban All Stars, led by Juan de Marcos, founding member of the Buena Vista Social Club and Cuba’s great son revival band Sierra Maestra....

  • Drop the Needle w/ Melanie Scholtz & Aaron Rimbui

    Testing the musical knowledge of world class artists with a series of classic recordings, getting their in-the-moment impressions and insights into their tastes and influences.

    For this video version of Drop the Needle, South African vocalist Melanie Scholtz and Kenyan-born pianist Aaron Rimbui...

  • Seun Kuti

    “Evolving The Afrobeat Tradition” SFJAZZ Dialogues w/ Seun Kuti & Terence Blanchard

    The saxophonist, composer and Egypt 80 bandleader sits down with SFJAZZ Executive Artistic Director Terence Blanchard to discuss the process of finding his own sound within the tradition laid out by his father,...

  • In My Mind w/ Obed Calvaire

    Enter the mind of drummer, composer, and former SFJAZZ Collective member Obed Calvaire, as he takes us through his practice routine, his devotion to his craft, and the inspiration that motivates him to continually strive to improve all aspects of his art.

    A Miami native of Haitian descent, O...

  • Marcus Shelby Orchestra presents Black Ball: The Negro Leagues & The Blues

    Family Matinee – Marcus Shelby Orchestra presents Black Ball: The Negro Leagues & The Blues
    Original performance date: April 13, 2024

    Bassist and bandleader Marcus Shelby is a long-range planner, assiduously assembling a vision ever since he moved to San Francisco in 1996. He teaches in school...

  • 2024-25 Season Preview Party W/ Terence Blanchard

    The 2024-25 Season Preview Party is an exclusive opportunity to hear directly from Terence Blanchard about his inaugural season as Executive Artistic Director at SFJAZZ. The lively conversation was filmed in Miner Auditorium and was hosted by Blanchard and journalist Andrew Gilbert, previewing ne...

  • The Breakdown: Slap Bass w/ Marcus Miller

    World-class musicians break down musical concepts at various levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced.

    For this edition of The Breakdown, bass legend, composer, and producer Marcus Miller takes a group of three bassists at varying levels of experience through the process of learning his ...